an art-errorist event

SEPT  16th - 18th  2005

careful !!

Schiphorst is a small village between Hamburg and Lübeck in northern Germany. Several villages with the same name exist in this area ! Make sure you look for Schiphorst with ZIP Code 23847. It's near Lütjensee, Ahrensburg.


by air >> next airports:

Lübeck/Blankensee, very cheap connections to London, Milano and Pisa, Shannon, Stockholm, 15 minutes ride to schiphorst, we will pick you up. Just tell us in advance.


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by train >> Fight your way to Hamburg ! then Ahrensburg, 25 minutes ride to Schiphorst, we will pick you up. Just tell us in advance.

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by road >>


by sea >>

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you can of course sail to any of our beautiful north sea or baltic sea sailing-harbors, we'll pick you up

by canal >>

yes indeed you can come all the way from Russia or southern france right up to Berkenthin, 8 kilometers from Schiphorst, on the Elbe-Luebeck Canal....... BUT ! do start on time ! maximum speed on canal is something like 10 km per hour !