My english is not so good...but this is my comment,
in japanese: "Avantgarde ha keshite nankai na mono deha arimasen.
Anata ha kono Festival de shizen to art soshite
ningen no harmony o taiken dekimasu."
and in english:
"The Avantgarde is not difficult at all.
You can experience nature, art, and human's harmony with this Festival."
all the best


Ken Matsutani played at the Schiphorst Avantgarde Festival
with "Marble Sheep" in 2006 and "Mickey Guitar Project" 2007







From an artists perspective last years festival was truly exceptional.
But then that's what I expect from anything to do with Faust!
Never in the space of such a short time have I ever
met such a friendly and interesting mix of people.
I found the whole event very inspirational and, this is most important ,
the atmosphere was always informal, very friendly, never cliquey and never 'us and them'.
Artists mixed freely with the audience and the audience mixed freely with us.
oh yes: there were some great performances too!

I can't wait to get back.

Rachael Tyrell







The Jack and Jim Show was asked to perform there
last year and it was a wonderful Festival. We had a
great time playing there and the audience was wild.
We had them dancing in the street, so to speak.
If you want to hear very good avantgarde music
then I recommend this festival. The food is good
and the people are great. ROCK ON and I hope they
will invite us back again sometime. THANKS for a great time.
Mr. Black performed with Eugene Chadbourne in schiphorst 2007











Avantgarde festival Schiphorst.

The best atmosphere of any festival I’ve been to in the last 20 years.
A celebration of enthusiasm and community. A family affair in a giant
farmhouse and grounds, with plenty of social space to
meet and eat and talk - artists and public together.
Relaxed and luminous musical itinerary.
Beautiful countryside in all directions.
This is the way a festival should be.

Mr. Cutler performed on many occasions in Schiphorst,
recently at the Festival 2006






"..the AvantGarde Festival Schiphorst is one awesome meeting of minds and memes! it was my great honor to have been invited to participate. it's like coming home..."

Mr. Z'ev performed solo at the festival 2006, taking part also in the Grand Drums Session






In the north-German countryside, on a farm, something important happens. Being audience or artist. During a weekend, performance and concerts of high quality and professional standards happens, in a mixture you will never find anywhere else. Add the homely atmosphere created by Jean-Hervé and Carina Varain at their homefarm, and the fact that artists and audience eat and drink together, and you have a setting almost unbeatable. I have lovely memories, fantastic experiences and made very good friends at Schiporst (not to mention all the records I bought!). I will definitly come again!
Mr. Ronny Waernes promotes the NODUTGANG Festival in the far-north of Norway. He performed with the welsh poet Zoe Skoulding at the avantgardefestival 2007.