... with   an AUTOMOBILE ?

  • Satellite Navigator :   enter   Germany , 23847
    ( that is the town-code of our Schiphorst), steinhorsterweg 2 .
  • if you have   spare room in your car, please contact us . We shall then
      connect you to people looking for a ride and willing to share the costs .
  • if you are looking for a ride to the festival and are willing to share
    the costs of travel, please   contact us . We shall then connect you to people offering   rides .
  • keep in mind   you can camp on site for free . We could also help you reserve  
    nice and cheap rooms in a local small Hotel/Gasthaus/B&B .Please   contact us well ahead .



... by   AEROPLANE ?

  • take good note of the   low-cost-airlines   connecting Luebeck to many major cities :  
  • Ryan-Air   from/to :London, Leeds, Dublin, Barcelona,Pisa, Milano,Stockholm

      Wizz Air ,   from/to Danzig

  • Schiphorst is very close to   both Aeroports Hamburg-Hamburg   (45 km)
    and Hamburg-Luebeck (25km) . In both cases we can pick-you-up if you contact us well in time.



... by Train ?

  • either   take a train to Hamburg /Hauptbahnhof or to   Luebeck .
    We can then pick you up if you contact us well in time



or    extravagantly avantgarde ... ?

  • per house-boat : the   Berkenthin lock   would be the next  
    canal station   and only 5 km   away from the festival site. We pick you up.
  • parachuting ,paragliding : no problem,   we can have  
    you dropped   right on the festival fields .
    It was done with success   during the festival 2006
  • per hot-air balloon : depending on wind direction ,
    we cannot guarantee that the balloon reaches exactly the festival.
    In that case   , no worry, we would pick you up .
  • per sailing boat   , fishing-boat, submarine or any other aqueous  
    mobile : the closest harbor is   Luebeck . We pick you up.
  • per horse-cart , wagon , horse- or donkey-back  
    or any other ride-able animal . We offer barns , hay and straw for free .
  • by foot.   

We shall gladly offer   half-price tickets to all brave-hearted
  and pure-minded extravagandieros ...