Ana-Maria Avram, Iancu Dumitrescu, Chris Cutler,Tim Hodgkinson

Ana-Maria AVRAM

composer, pianist, conductor.... It is wonderful to hear music where textural innovations evolve form in process .It seems like Avram is engaged in a similar kind of sonic research to that of Giacinto Scelsi and Ennio Morricone : collective endeavour, genuine ‘deep listenning’. The results are similarly overpowering a milion miles from the tootling inconsecuence of most of what passes for New Music in the classical world....." ben watson, The Wire , London.

Compozitor, pianist, dirijor. Creatia sa cuprinde peste 70 de opusuri simfonice, … în interpretarea unor ansambluri celebre: “Solistii orchestrei Nationale a Fransei”(Paris), ”Kronos Quartet” (San Francisco), “20 Jahrhundert Ensemble”(Viena), Filarmonica “George Enescu”, Orhestra National` Radio, Orchestra de Camera Radio, Ars Nova, Hyperion ….


Iancu Dumitrescu

Of all living composers, Dumitrescu is the one who has most exploded sound. Dumitrescu's work is a negation, from the depths,of everything in contemporary music symptomatic of distraction, of banalization, and of a radical loss of purpose. His music is not a new convolution in the knot of modern music, but an unravelling of the curse”. - Tim Hodgkinson –

Fondator i dirijor al “Ansamblului HYPERION”. Creatie din partea Radio France, Art Zoyd, Musiques Nouvelles Bruxelles, Kronos Quartet, London Sinfonietta, IMEB Bourges, UPIC Paris….. Iancu Dumitrescu este considerat unul dintre cei mai importat i reprezentan i din lume al curentului Spectralist.


Chris Cutler

first band in 1963, winding up in 1967 playing in London's psychedelic clubs. eventually joining British experimental group Henry Cow with whom he toured, recorded and worked in dance and theatre projects co-found a series of mixed national groups Art Bears, News from Babel, Cassiber, The (ec) Nudes, P53 and The Science Group. a permanent member of American bands Pere Ubu, Hail and The Wooden Birds works sporadically with John Rose, Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Iancu Dumitrescu, Peter Blegvad and Stevan Tickmayer. Other lasting collaborations have included Aqsak Maboul (Belgium), Lussier/Derome and Les Quatre Guitaristes (Canada), The Kalahari Surfers (Africa), Perfect Trouble (Germany), Between (Sweden), N.O.R.M.A., (Italy), Telectu (Portugal), Mieku Shimuzu (Japan),The Hyperion Ensemble (Romania), The Film Music Orchestra, 'Oh Moscow', Gong, The Work and Towering Inferno (UK), The Residents (USA), and stateless Tense Serenity and Mirror Man. runs the independent label and distribution service ReR/Recommended editor of the New Music magazine Unfiled author of the theoretical book File Under Popular. lectures on theoretical and music related topics. He has appeared on more than 100 recordings.


Tim Hodgkinson

I am a composer and also an improviser specialising in clarinets and lap steel guitar. After studying anthropology I taught myself music by being in bands. When I compose I write for sounds and then for instruments. I try to make something that is adequately eventful for our crazy time. I think I am writing for our time and the listeners who must authentically inhabit it. Real music happens when ideas are outrun by events.










picture courtesy of Elena Golovnina

from left to right: james johnston (UK) /james hodson(UK) /jhp (F) /zappi (A) /geraldine swayne(IRL)


diermaier/péron and remarkable guests

faust is schoen is faust is schoen is faust is so schoen ! is faust is schoen is faust is schoen..
is faust schoen ? YES , faust is quite schoen.
The group faust has been schoen ever since the modern Revolution of 1968.
not serious, not good, no : faust is schoen is faust is schoen is...simply schoen.

diermaier/péron und bemerkenswerte gäste

faust ist schön ist faust ist schön ist faust, ist schön faust ! ist faust ist schön ist faust ist schön...
ist faust schön ? JA, faust ist schon schön .
Die gruppe Faust ist schön seit der neuzeitlichen Revolution von 1968.
nicht seriös, nicht gut, nein :faust ist schön ist faust ist schön ist ... einfach schön.




Kosmische DJ ( UK)


It was Julian Cope's idea. "Someone should start a Krautrock club" he
said. So we did....
"Fast and furious krautrock, electronics and incredible records from the
past, present and future." Cherished by the open-minded, loved by the chronically energetic, and only
occasionally visited by old men with beards, the Kosmische club's remit
slowly began to include the best danceable, experimental music,
non-chin-strokey electronica, and classic underground tracks, and soon
expanded to a weekly radio show on Resonance FM www.resonancefm.com)

"Among the often banal skyline of club culture there lurks a towering
edifice of the alternative, a monument to outré electronica. That place
is Kosmische..." ..The late great John Peel






“More avant-garde weirdness. More childish tomfoolery. More mind mangling noise.
More sonic experiments with unusual objects. More throbs than you’ll ever
need in a lifetime. More frazzled squiggles formed by whatever he had at
hand at the time. More ding dang donging with hammers for fingers.
More tunes that even the Devil would reject as being too much
too soon and a sin to release onto mankind. More abrasive sound sculptures to endure and love. “
(Aural Pressure webzine on Kakawaka’s release “Atcashatpa”)





Barbed & Hester Schofield (UK) (c)

...a pilot ran into trouble in 1959 and ejected from his plane. He fell
free for 40 minutes right down through the middle of a ten mile high storm cloud....
.It’s an exciting story alright...Barbed are working with visual artist
Hester Schofield to perform an installation event all about this:
Barbed are bringing the sounds, Hester’s bringing the lights and the action. Much excitement expected.






The Grand Erector


Lurid and grandiose, The Grand Erector presents 'The Faust Types',
in which the idle thoughts, unfocussed sonic snapshots, poesy,
strummings and pickings, and the clattering percussive dandruff
of willing Faust mailing list subscribers is transformed into electroacoustic
gold via digital logic - or so The Grand Erector says.
In another world, the pristine recordings of Faust mailing list giants
'Permanent Fatal Error', 'Band of Pain', 'S/T', 'Traumaschine' and a host
of other friends are wrestled to the ground then shoehorned into forms
with no logic whatsoever other than the need to make them resonate
precisely with mind of the producer. No one else could possibly be happy with the outcome.


In previous episodes: In 2007 The Grand Erector's assistant let slip
Fjaerland, an album of processed location recordings released under the
(now deprecated) name 'sunseastar' - no label, no promotion, no reviews,
no response, no money... nothing was achieved. In it's own way, then, this was a work of magic;

"I want to be the only thing I could be without anybody stopping me - that is,
to be a total failure" (Sun Ra)

Move along now - there's nothing to see here.

The Grand Erector may also be found haunting your festival
generally, selling a dismal text hinting at further secrets. Don't buy it.






Formed in early 2000, (Market Harborough, East Midlands UK,) ploughing the lonely field
that is new wave/jazz/dark oddness, Black Carrot have achieved much. Released in 2005,
their critically-aclaimed debut album "Cluk" managed to attract the attention of BBC Radio
3's 'Mixing It'. Live appearances include support slots with Evan Parker,
Faust, Damo Suzuki,The Fall, The No Neck Blues Band, Chris Corsano,
Kling Klang, Polar Bear, and Fulborn Teversham.

A crisp and sharp trio, comprising drums, both double and electric bass, electric piano
and tenor sax and assorted woodwind instruments. Dedicated to the virtues of improvisation,
it is hard to actually categorise them easily – which is to the good. This is music that has the
rigour of improvisation done well but also is accessible via the jazzy rhythms, at times they
reminiscent of a New York-style band like Defunct or James Chance and
the Contortions from the punk jazz/loft side of the no-wave days.

These three ultra-talented musicians are demanding, intimidating,
frenetic and mental. Frankly, you wouldn't dare make them up.

sounds on myspace: www.myspace.com/theblackcarrot


Adriano Lanzi

Classically-trained guitarist, self-taught electronic/electroacustic
composer and improvising musician from Rome, Adriano Lanzi has
recently resumed his series of live soundtracks to classic silent
movies which he had been performing from 2001 to 2005. Adriano
will bring a great classic of russian constructivist/futurist cinema
to this year's edition of Schiphorst Festival, combining   analog and
digital sound sources, composition and improvisation in his real-time score to the movie.






funky , experimental .... playful .

Gugu Flux: vox, guitars, gugutronix - Bjoern Omt : drums

stay awake with NOISEEXPRESSO !!!

special guests :

Ken Matsutani (guitar)

Rachael Tyrell (vox)

Geoff Leigh (flute/sax)

information and sound : www.ELECTRIXGARDEN.de




Notoriously mercurial multi-instrumentalist and performer Geoff Leigh puts soprano sax,
flutes, voice, and various ethnic instruments through an array of lo-fi digital and analogue FX,
creating delicate ambient soundscapes that constantly threaten to disintegrate into solid walls of pure noise.
Combining such diverse influences as free improvisation, song forms, world music, and post rock,
his most recent solo work has taken yet another twisting scenic route along the well-travelled road of
pure expressionism, avoiding labels and genres in a conscious and almost deliberately wilful fashion.
Self-proclaimed "unemployed ex-underground cult hero", living an almost hermetically sealed existence
in Hastings, drawing partly on Salvador Dali's "paranoiac-critical method"
(a spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on the critical and systematic
objectivity of the associations and interpretations of delirious phenomena)
for creative inspiration - the listener can expect a very different experience
than his two previous appearances at Schiphorst in 2005/6.

mail: geoffleigh@live.co.uk





NAD SPIRO - a soundtrack full of encrypted messages

Behind the alias Nad Spiro can be found Rosa Arruti, fetish artist on the
spanish experimental music scene, whose sonic explorations stretch the sonic
reach of guitar and transport us to unfrequented Audiozones in the outer
peripheries of electronica.
In "Tinta Invisible", her more recent release on the pioneer industrial
label Geometrik Records, she plays further with shadows and evocations to
create her personal 'Sound-Fiction'.






There is an impossible tetrahedron whose basis vertexs are:
psichedelia, improvisation, progressive rock and kraut, and its apex is estimated at alpha centaur.
Its barycentre would be Traummaschine.
You should watch the Traummaschine with closed eyes and listen to it with open ears.
The escapism is legitimate, the world of making believe which it generates,
is a misunderstanding. The antinomy between myth and reality is dissolved,
the identification between human beings and Angels is accomplished,
as it is practically accomplished in mysticism.
The "Die Kosmische Sache” European Tour will take them to Schiphorst where levitation is guaranted.







Rachael Tyrell


rachael is a door handle - her words can show you the direction to a door
you may pass and you define yourself. what is certain is that she emphasizes
on trivial daily routine details and might change your point of view on those,
or at least get you to focus on those again. sometimes it just takes
a subtle push into another direction... as you wish - verena diehl
for this years festival there's going to be a showing of the film of spell for rudolf sosna 
as it was performed in Derek Jarman's garden at Prospect Cottage Dungeness UK... 
but I've been working on other things, mainly text based pieces... I like to work directly with ideas
to establish a creative dialogue with my 'audience'... at the moment these pieces tend to be centered
around life, love and the relationships we find ourselves in, not only with others, but the process of life itself....
I think of these situations and the pieces that proceed from them as being  'trojan horses',
subtle traps and situations, into and through which we fall. For this years festival these pieces
will include Sie/saw (Wippe)    backed into the corner,   threshold  and  life / jacket

rachael ist eine art tuerklinke - ihre geschriebenen worte weisen in eine richtung,
eine tuer, welche man sich selbst errichtet, definiert und durchschreiten kann.
klar ist dass sie ihren fokus auf die trivialen alltaeglichen dinge in unserem leben legt
und somit den bisherigen standpunkt ein stueck weit veraendert oder zumindest
den des betrachters/zuhoerers darauf lenkt. manchmal braucht es nur einen
passiven anstoss in/zu einer anderen richtung... wie man will - verena diehl
Dieses Jahr wird es eine Vorfuehrung des Films Ein Zauber fuer Rudolf Sosna geben
wie er in Derek Jarmans Garten,Prospect Cottage Dungeness UK gefilmt wurde…
Ich habe eigentlich an anderen Dingen gearbeitet, hauptsaechlich textbezogene Projekte…
ich arbeite gerne eng mit Ideen um und weil ich eine Art Dialog mit und zu meinem Umfeld herstelle…
im Moment scheinen die Meisten davon sich um Leben, Liebe zu drehen, und um Beziehungen,
in denen wir uns wieder finden, nicht primaer Beziehungen mit anderen Menschen,
aber mit Ablaeufen des Lebens selbst.. ich beschaeftige mich viel mit Situationen und Teilen
die daraus hervorkommen wie ‚trojanische Pferde', subtile Fallen und Momente,
in die oder durch die wir den Boden unter den Fuessen verlieren.
Zusaetzlich sehen kann man dieses Jahr Sie/saw (Wippe) backed into the corner, threshold und life / jacket





was founded in July 2006, by a group of artists and musicians from south Holland,
after innumerable improvisations and spontaneous jam sessions. The sound-painter
Hubertus de Bode is the core of this peculiar squad, supported by Roger Kengen
(guitars) and Elisabeth Crum (transverse flute/accordeon). He blends the improvised
sounds with percussions and synthesizers. The band bears great affinity with the
phenomenon "drone" and a fondness towards eastward music with it's characteristic
melancholic and meditative elements. By mingling guitars and soundeffects,
samples, loops, vocals, synthesizers, mouthharp, toys and household appliances,
they alchemically assimilate musical principles to form a cinematic and organic
soundscape. If you'd want to force a label unto Laborkester, paraphrasing it as "western mantra music" would seem fitting.

wird im Juli 2006 von einer Gruppe von Künstlern und Musikern aus dem Süden Hollands
nach zahllosen Improvisationen und spontanen Spielsessions gegründet . Der Sound-maler Hubertus
de Bode ist der Kern dieser eigensinnigen Truppe , unterstützt durch Roger Kengen
( Gitarre) und Elisabeth Crum ( Querflöte/Akkordeon) . Er mischt die improvisierten Klänge
und fügt Percussion und Synthesizer dazu. Die Gruppe besitzt grosse Affinität mit dem
Phänomen 'drone' und hat eine Vorliebe für östlich Musik, mit den so typischen
melancholischen und medidativen Elementen. Mit einem Mix aus Gitarre und
Soundeffects, Samples, Loops, Stimme, Synthesizer, Mouthharp, Spielzeug und
Haushaltgeräten, verarbeiten sie wie Alchimisten die musikalische Prinzipien zu einem
filmischen und organischen Klangspektrum. Möchte man Laborkester in eine Schublade
stecken, dann wäre "westliche Mantramusik" eine nette Umschreibung .




photo: ilse ruppert


MONA MUR, extravagant vocalist and composer of rigid wave ballads,
was, together with her collegues of "EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN",
responsible for 80s german underground hits such as "Snake",
"120 Tage" and "Eintagsfliegen". Especially her fierce version of Bertolt Brecht
and Kurt Weill's "Surabaya Johnny" performed in concerts of manic intensity
and morbid slowbeat chic formed her cult image in the international
avantgarde scene until today. Mur, also a successful martial artist and
composer of wicked electronic score for harder video games ("VELVET ASSASSIN)
is one of the few german singers creating her own dark,
aggressive and mysterious but beautiful musical world exploring the fields of wave,
postpunk, industrial, electronic and a hefty, orchestral german chanson "cabaret" tradition.
Now she experiences a renaissance, finds her songs in movies like
Fatih Akin's much awarded "Head On" and herself back on stage - with
EN ESCH, former charismatic frontman and co-founder of the US-based
elektro-industrial KMFDM. The accomplished producer,
drummer and guitarist has drastically transformed Mur's most intense 80s Songs
into a unique blend of electronic drum loops, bass, dirty organ and wild guitars.

The Fine Art of Beauty and Violence in Music
- Chansons Brutales -

MONA MUR, exzentrische Sängerin dramatischer Wave/Industrial - Balladen, zeichnete in den
80er Jahren gemeinsam mit FM Einheit, Alexander Hacke und Mark Chung von den
"Einstürzenden Neubauten" für Undergroundhits wie "Snake", "120 Tage" oder "Eintagsfliegen"verantwortlich.
Vor allem ihre brachiale Version von Brecht/Weill's "Surabaya Johnny"
in "breitem Sound düsterster Schattierung" (TAZ)
und die manisch-exzessiven Liveauftritte machten die Künstlerin in internationalen
Avantgardekreisen bekannt.Mur, seither auch als Kampfsportlerin und Komponistin
für härtere Computergames unterwegs,
erlebt nun eine Renaissance, ihre Songs in Filmen wie Fatih Akin's "Gegen die Wand"
und sich selbst auf der Bühne: mit EN ESCH, bekannt als charismatischer Frontmann und
Mitbegründer der deutsch/amerikanischen Elektro-Rocker KMFDM.
Der Drummer und Producer hat sich ihrer 80er- Songs von Liebe, Tod, Wahnsinn,
Schmerz und Schönheit mit einem eigenständigen elektronischen Drum/Bass-Instrumentarium
neu angenähert. Live spielt er dazu Feedback-Gitarre,







greyscale audiovisual-idm-beats

mixing eye-catching experimental audiovisual art with dynamic distorted idm-beats,?incite/?are
criss-crossing the art and club worlds, creating intense experiences for ears and eyes.

fragmented electric junk and fragile bursts of static noise meet with extra-charged sub-bass-kicks in impressive conjunction with the intensity of the meticulously constructed greyscale visuals and physical presence of the duo within their projected image.




...13th MONKEY
andreas thedens ( von KIEW)
und Harm bremer ( sonic fiction)

Times are getting harder!
We get the sound that we deserve:
As the matrix around us collapses,
a pervading white noise summons us back to reality.
Moments when reality and desire collide
and surfaces begin to crackle.
Messages from a cold world,
whose inhabitants no longer live but operate.
Rebellion is happening in the wires,
by using the processors to full capacity,
and by the decoding of sound sedatives.
Weapons targeting the organ of corti.
The singing and dancing scum of the earth
is pleased by their high on deafness
and resemble the infected in their paleness:
Destroy the norm with hyperacusis.
Systemcrash without remorse.

Die Zeiten werden härter!
Wir bekommen den Klang, den wir verdienen:
Wenn um uns die Matrix zusammenbricht,
entsteht mitunter ein in die Wirklichkeit zurückpfeifendes weisses Rauschen.
Momente, in denen das Sein und der Wunsch
aufeinanderreiben und Oberflächen aufreissen,
Botschaften aus einer kalten Welt,
hinter deren Funktionalität der Mensch zurückgetreten ist.
Das Aufbegehren findet in den Kabelkanälen statt,
im Ausreizen der Prozessoren,
in der Decodierung musikalischer Sedative.
Die Waffen zielen auf das cortische Organ.
Der singende, tanzende Abschaum der Welt
hat seinen Spass am Hörsturz
und gleicht in seiner Blassheit den Infizierten:
Genormtes in Schutt und Asche legen durch Hyperakusis.
System(ab)sturz ohne Reue.




Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell (USA)

Guitarist Brian Mitchell represents a fresh voice of the next generation
of musicians and improvisors. Originally from Kansas, Brian played in
various bands before he met Ornette Coleman . Ornette would be a
teacher and mentor to Brian over the next three years. During this time
he was also playing regularly with Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris,
Since moving to Berlin this year, Brian has been invited to work with one
of the most important new voices on the bass clarinet, Diego Cofone
Whether playing solo, duo, or group settings,
Brian Mitchell is a unique, strangly beautiful sound artist.




Mama Baer and Kommissar Hjuler

Mama Baer (26) and Kommissar Hjuler (40) have been active in the domain of experimental
music since 1999 and count 200 different releases, that are more likely to be attributed to the
Art Brut/Dada/Neo-Fluxus movement than to music. Since 2006 they've been roaming the
grounds of visual art, had their first exhibitions of pictures and objects.
The metamorphosis from musician to visual artist was fluxionary, both noticed it only in
retrospective. Nowadays, they spent each and every free minute that their kids spare them,
on art, especially painting and sculpture, but still also music. The performances are obstinate
and not always easy to digest, such are their paintings and objects, which makes the access
to their art difficult for some. Their website www.asylum-lunaticum.de includes more information
and hosts some mp3-files that are free to download. Definitely planned for the 04.07 are the
1. Grussverweigerung and Retect, but both are always ready for surprises that have little in common
with music in the traditional sense.
Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer just have been recommended by the most widely
read art magazine of Germany,www.artlout.com.

Mama Baer (26) und Kommissar Hjuler (40) betätigen sich seit 1999 im Bereich
der experimentellen Musik und bringen es auf über 200 verschiedene
Veröffentlichungen, die eher dem Bereich Art brut/Dada/Neo-Fluxus als der
Musik zuzuschreiben sind, und seit 2006 bewegen sich beide auch eher im
der bildenden Kunst, hatten ihre ersten Ausstellungen mit Bildern und
Der Wandel vom Musiker zum Künstler war fließend, beide stellten ihn erst
nachträglich fest. Heute verschwenden sie jede Minute, die ihre Kinder ihnen
lassen, für die Kunst, vornehmlich Malerei und Skulptur, aber auch immer noch
die Musik. Performances sind eigenwillig und nicht immer leicht
verdaulich, wie
auch die Bilder und Objekte, so dass nur ein kleiner Kreis Zugang zu ihrer
Kunst findet. Information liefert ihre website www.asylum-lunaticum.de, wo es
auch mp3-files zum freien download gibt. Für den 04.07. sind auf jeden Fall
die 1. Grussverweigerung und Retect vorgesehen, ansonsten sind beide immer für
Überraschungen gut, die dann wenig mit Musik im herkömmlichen Sinn zu tun
Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer wurden soeben von dem meistgelesenen Kunstmagazin
Deutschlands, www.artlout.com, empfolen.





People who saw MANAMI N’s performance said her style is experimental,avand garde but
still pop music; it is like “future pop”...nobody knows but it might be next generation of pop







Moksha-Medicine Sound System

Moksha-Medicine Sound System (FIN/USA)

composer nathan siter mixing brunch hour soundscaping, easy listening and
laid back abstraction.
vinyl, cd, computer, efx loops and shortwave radio

säveltäjä nathan siter yhdistelee aamu myöhän äänimaisemia,
pehmeitä kuunneltavaa ja leppoista abstraktia musiikkia.







Das Projekt Samessina ist nicht an einen bestimmten Musik-Stil gebunden.
Einflüsse aus verschiedensten Stilen, wie z.B. Independent, Pop, Rock
und World-Music laufen zusammen und ergeben Songs, die von zart bis
hart eine Bandbreite von emotionalen, sphärischen und ekstatischen
Kompositionen möglich machen. Durch die Arbeit im Spürbewusstsein,
entstehen die Songs aus energetischen Strukturen,
die auch zum Nachdenken oder Nachspüren anregen möchten...

The Project Samessina is not fixed on one special Music-Style.
Influences out of different Styles like Pop, Rock, Independent and World-Music
create a wide open Space of emotional, spheric and ecstatic Parts.
The Compositions grow out of the Work with the Feeling Conciousness.
Energetic Structures and mental, spiritual Backrounds animate to trace and to think about it...





Stahl Quartett (GER)


Jan Heinke founded the Stahl Quartett in summer 1999 as a chamber music offshoot project of the Steelharmonie Ensemble .
It includes a classical singer , a world musician, a modern composer and a jazz pianist. The artists play the stahlcello, a recently designed instrument : sculptural in its looks and unique in its sound texture. Those intruments represent an attempt to make music visible and are a challenge to their environment.
Stahlquartett won the Förderpreis of Dresden 2008

Das Stahlquartett wurde im Sommer 1999 von Jan Heinke als kammermusikalisches Projekt des Ensembles Steelharmonie gegründet. Es vereint einen klassischen Sänger, einen Weltmusiker, einen zeitgenössischen Komponisten und einen Jazzpianisten. Die Musiker bedienen sich eines neu entwickelten, Stahlcello genannten Instrumententyps, der einzigartige Klangeigenschaften mit skulpturaler Erscheinung verbindet. Es sind synästhetische Objekte, die ihrem Spielort auch visuell begegnen. Stahlquartett erhielt den Förderpreis der Stadt Dresden 2008.  




Xabec (Ger)


Xabec's music spans the depths between ambience and sound art, between industrial, electronica and modern laptop music. Suspension dominates and the music takes its time to illuminate even the smallest of nuances. Experimentally noisy, subtly woven sound tapestries take the listener through unique soundscapes. Manuel is such kind of an artist for whom mastering of the audience's attention seems totally natural... The sounds he creates reach the mind by various paths; they are fragile, subtle and yet so admirable that on entering their realm we have the impression of contemplating something exceptionally precious, easy to frighten away, to destroy... Rarely had I experienced the situation where I'd react to something merely by saying 'beautiful' and then falling silent for the awareness of words insufficiency, but Xabec is able to create the music which defeats all the analytic sense and gets straight to the emotional centre...without barriers, without obstacles. It was as if Manuel invited us to his private art gallery and shared all the beauty he created with us... Remarkable concert...

Seit 1997 hat sich Manuel G. Richter alias Xabec der experimentellen Musik verschrieben und dabei seinen eigenen, unverwechselbaren Stil der Klangcollage erarbeitet. Die Musik des Projektes Xabec lotet den Bereich zwischen Ambient und Klangkunst, zwischen industrieller Elektronik und moderner Laptop-Musik aus. Die Spannungsbögen sind gross und die Musik nimmt sich Zeit, auch feinste Klangnuancen zu beleuchten. Experimentell geräuschhafte und musikalisch fein gewebte Klangteppiche tragen die Hörer durch einmalige Klanglandschaften. Die Live-Konzerte sind nicht zuletzt durch die ungewöhnlichen Klänge und zum Teil selbst hergestellten Instrumente interessant. Neben koffergrossen modularen Synthesizern kommen softwarebasierte Klangsynthese, Obertonflöten, Steine und Sandpapier, mit Bögen bespielte Gongs oder zum Klangstrahler umgebaute Satellitenschüsseln zum Einsatz. 


Julien Perrin (F) & Julien Suratteau (F)


For the past years , Julien Perrin has hunting documentary footage related to
the german music movement Krautrock
He has met and filmed Conrad Schnitzler, Manuel Göttshing, Michael Tother & Dieter Möbius as well as Klaus Schulz.
He then focusedon the group "faust"
At the festival , Julien will present the result of his works on faust
"Ist Faust Schoen ? "
teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8bYlDRjl0I
He is supported by Julien Suratteau and together are NKS Films Production.
The two "juliens"are mainly dealing with marginal art expressions .
Their central field of interest lies in the new aesthetic approaches towards music within films , both equally important to them-
Julien Suratteau will also attend the Festival to shoot and record
a documentary film of the Avantgarde Festival 2008

Depuis plus de 5 ans, Julien Perrin developpe des projets documentaires lies la musique allemande, le Krautrock. Apres avoir rencontre et film Conrad Schnitzler, Manuel Göttshing, Michael Rother & Dieter Moebius ou encore Klaus Schulze, il s'est focalise sur le groupe Faust dont il nous presente aujourd'hui le documentaire qu'il vient de terminer "Ist FAUST schön?". Soutenu par Julien Suratteau et travers leur vitrine de production NKS Films, les "2 Juliens" developpent des documentaires lies aux demarches artistiques marginales et s'interessent particulierement aux nouvelles approches esthetiques de la musique au cinema, tant l'image qu'au son. Leur presence au sein du festival est egalement de au tournage d'un documentaire sur le festival Avant Garde que realise Julien Suratteau. 


Ivan Bellocq (F)


Aerosol Light Textures (Ger)

(...) dann, urplötzlich, verliert man sich in den Lichtgittern, die das Bewusstsein schraffieren und die innere Beschaffenheit der Welt auf die äussere Seite unseres Körpers selbst zu projezieren scheinen. Die Euphorie, der Verlust des Bezugs zur Zeit, die Neuvermessung des Momentes, in dem uns das Spiel des Lichts bewusst wird: zwei Realitäten vermengen sich, wir Tanzenden sind mitten drin, die Ohren verzaubert durch das Meer von Klängen, dessen schillernden Rauten das Lichtspiel ist, das unser Auge nicht wahrhaft erfassen kann, nur deuten, interpretieren, wirken lassen: der Verstand ergibt sich der weiter gefassten Realität, bis zur Rückkehr der Morgendämmerung liefern wir uns diesem Zauber gerne aus.

(...) all of sudden you get lost in the lightgrids, which are hatching your
consciousness and seeming to project the inner state of the world on the
outside of our bodies. Euphoria, the loss of time reference, the
re-measurement of the moment which is bringing the play of light to mind:
two realities are mixing up, with us, dancing, amidst, our ears bewitched by
the sea of sound, whose opalescent rhombuses our eyes can't actually
understand, but only construe, interpret, let it affect: the intellect
surrenders to the expanded reality. we consign to that magic willingly til
the break of dawn.




Geraldine Swayne (IRL)


Elena Golovnina (RUS)


Elena Golovnina.

Young filmmaker and photographer. Russian background, French education, American influences.
"The purpose of every artist nowadays is to overcome the postmodern aesthetics and to create a new language of the art. My methods are concerned with exploring archetypical fears and telling the alternative fairytales. Russia is a stockpot of metaphysics. I'm trying to make experimental films set in the Russian countryside".
Films as myths or dreams. Obscure horror. Fairytales of the remote shores.

russian version




Boy Division (GER)


same old story
they were drunk and decided to be a band
It happened at the Heinz Armers Bar.
The main point was to get all the gear in just one car.
So the PA was replaced by a megaphon and the drum kit consisted of a single bar stool
with two cymbals and a pad stuck on it.
They tried to do their own stuff but it did not happen.
They rapidly stuck to cover...
boy, oh boy !

Die Band ist ganz Klassisch am Tresen im Suff entstanden im Heinz Armers Eine der wichtigsten Ideen dabei war, dass alles, was an Equipment benutzt wird in ein Auto reinpasst. So wurde die Gesangsanlage durch Benutzung eines Megaphons eingespar und dasSchlagzeug auf einen Barhocker beschränkt an dem zwei Becken und ein elektronisches Drumpad befestigt sind. Am Anfang wurden im Übungsraum noch eigene Stücke gespielt. Das hat aber nicht so wirklich Spaß gebracht, so dass man schnell bei Cover-Versionen landete... oh mann ! 



Sternschuss Trio ( ISR/GER)

Anat Cohavi - soprano saxophone,bass clarinet
Sebastian Hilken - cello, percussion, electronics
Klaus Janek - contrabass
An intimate conversation between 3 musicians, constructing an ever-changing multilayer melodic structure, always in change, always in flux. ...we extend and refine our means of communication, using our instruments within and beyond the limits of their traditional, pure sound.



Daniel Sarid & Assif Tsahar (ISR)


Pierre Chevalier (B)


Ronny Waernes (NOR)


Ronny Wærnes is a Norwegian artist from the arctic circle. Initially he was doing home-recordings on his computer, inspired by local noise artists, and sound effects from various bands, rock, prog, punk and avantgarde. He soon moved on and started live performances solo and in collaboration with word artists and actionists .His live performances include improvised noise, pre-recorded ambient sounds, loops and samples of various kinds . These are mixed and processed on stage. The performances follow the flow of inner or outer inspirations. Unpredictable, devastating.

Norwegian version:

Stoy artist fra nord-norge, inspirert av vinteren og lyset, lyd og bilde, musikk og fabrikk. Bruker samplinger, loops og flere elektroniske effekter live for aa improvisere fram et ambient og noisy lydbilde. Mye brak, lyd og rytme etterfulgt av blipp og blopp eller kling og klang. Uforutsigbart, uvventet, mens det vendre hit eller dit, og engasjerende eller provoserende. Inspirert og der han er av introverte og ekstroverte hendelser.  





Chevaline (NZ/UK/GER)

Orford Ness rhymes with awfulness. On the coast of Suffolk in South East England, it was the site of a military testing base from 1913 to the early 80’s. From apple sized WW1 bombs to the 22,000 pound Grand Slam bomb, secret weapons were tested and alleged human experimentation took place. A crew of four,known collectively as Chevalineventured onto the shifting sands of Orford Ness over a lost weekend in June 2008 - documenting this strange and unique place. The film and the soundtrack will be edited live seen for the first time by the makers as well as the audience.

Chevaline is a sound and visual collective, 2 filmmakers and 2 musicians:

Mark Aitken (NZ) – Matt Lloyd (UK) – Thomas Zagrosek (Ger) David Lintern (UK)




Nurse With Wound (UK/USA)



it's a rainy day, it's 1970..
steven is a young man, he has thumbed his way ,
all the way, up to wuemme...
drenched to the bones...knocks at the door........
no-one's home.
he turns back , it's a rainy day ,
he is nursed...with wound.
check his fon voice-recorder.jhp.

Nurse With Wound will perform at the Avantgarde Festival 2008
with the following line-up:
steven stapleton,colin potter,andrew liles, matt waldron.

ein verregnete tag...jahr 1970
steven ist young, sein kopf leuchtet, er ist getrempt, klatschnass jetzt,
all den lange kalte weg nach wuemme.
er klopft..keiner da..er kehrt einfach um..es regnet weiter
er ist kuriert..er ist verletzt.
versuch mal sein anrufbeantworter.jhp.

Nurse With Wound spielt auf der Avantgarde Festival 2008 mit fogende besatzung:
steven stapleton,colin potter,andrew liles,matt waldron.


Amniat (I,GER, F, RUS)


The search of an identity is what brought us on the same boat. We were born with a mission to become one, to be loyal to our Self, as a Unit we can ride above the wave directed to a place beyond infinity.
Together we play.
We are in the heads of those who are ready to accept.
With anticipation we will try get the best from what has been given to us.

We are the Rain falling from above but structure we will retain.
We are the Machine ruling with patience over the regime.
We are the dream seen through the eyes of Irene.

We are the cure that will make you feel Sane.





Morgen Wurde (GER)

Wolfgang Röttger

Düstere Romantik der Naturgewalten -
Faszination der Ambivalenz des Naturschauspiels als Wiege des Lebens -
dem Mensch gleichmütig undurchdringlich, unverwandt gegenüberstehend -
in elektronischen Klangflächenkompositionen,
die Grenzen zwischen Klang und Geräusch verwischend.


The awe-inspiring romanticism of the forces of nature,
fascination of the ambivalence in the cradle of life -
untamed nature confronting man in an steadfast, unrelenting way -
set to sound mass compositions
obscuring the boundary between sound and noise.



Sambarellas & Capoeira


pure joy of moving
for a dance, for a fight
with the echoes of the thumping drums and clapping hands